Department of Local Government
Uva Province

Our Services

Department to Citizen

Public health

  • Public health promotion
  • Providing Ayurvada dispensary facilities

Common utility services

  • Providing facilities for public marketing complexes and weekly fairs
  • Gardens
  • Playgrounds and other entertainment activities
  • General cemetery
  • Community water facilities
  • Pre-schools
  • Community services
  • Community hall
  • Reading halls
  • Library facilities

Local authority roads

  • Road development and maintenance services
  • Laying out drainage systems and maintenance service

Comfortable living, convenience and welfare of the public within the area

  • Welfare service
  • Maternity and child welfare
  • Public toilets and disposal of solid and liquid waste

Protection, controlling and administration of all facilities

  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Protection of environment

Department to Government Institutions

Providing necessary advice, assistance and guidance when functioning according to the power vested in the local government institutions by Municipal council ordinance, Urban Council ordinance and Pradesheeya sabha Act.

Providing necessary advice and guidance in maintaining accounting and financing activities in local government institutions.

Providing necessary assistance and guidance in performing community development activities

Providing criteria based funds / subject specific funds for provincial council and such other funds for community projects carried out by local government institute under supervision of the local government department.

The Department will join hands in carrying out the national level programs implemented by the local government ministry of the central government.