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Good Governance Resource Center
Uva Province
Department of Local Government | Martin Silva Road, Badulla | Sri Lanka

Welcome to GGRC

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision

An Excellent Local Government System Through Good Governance in Uva Province.

Our mission

Coordinate sustainable local development with special emphasis on physical and human resources, systematic information management, new technologies & innovations, to enable local authorities to discharge their responsibilities with citizen participation and good governance.

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Operating Values

  • Excellence and Quality
  • People Development
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Empower
  • We value excellence, Best Practice

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Goals, Objectives and Priorities

Goal of this GGRC is to facilitate LAs for proper services delivery to local people in Uva province according to the good governance concepts and principles.

Objectives of this GGRC are,

  • To promote good governance and transparency of LAs
  • To documenting and disseminate best practices, procedures to LAs
  • To create interest about good governance concept to peoples and peoples representatives
  • To create linkage and closed relationship with peoples and LAs
  • To motivate LAs to provide efficient and effective services to peoples
  • Functioning Exclusive mechanism of DLG to address the issues related to improve the performance of LAs, beside engaging in routine administrative matters
  • Develop a common place to store and maintain all local government related knowledge products
  • Strengthen the research and analytical capacity of the DLG to make informed decision related to the LAs
  • And much more ...
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